John Cena debuts the “6th move of doom” at WWE event in Shanghai


Over the past several weeks, John Cena has been teasing a new wrestling move in his arsenal: the 6th move of doom.

Cena, who returned to the ring today in Shanghai, China for the non-televised live event, was wrestling for the first time since WrestleMania 34.

Cena finished the match for his team by delivering the Attitude Adjustment to Elias and then channeled his inner Dragon Ball Z to hit the lightning fist for the pinfall. Yes, the lightning fist looks as dumb as much as it sounds!

The ending of the match, which WWE put on its social media channels, was met with some hilarious comments. “Silliest finishing move I have witnessed in my 25 years of WWE viewing history,” one Twitter user said.

But Cena has been having fun with this whole new move reveal and obviously was meant to be cheesy.

WWE called it the “doomiest” move of his arsenal and one Twitter user noted that Cena is just having fun and “wrestling fans should learn how to do that!” Amen to that.

After the match, Cena delivered a promo in the ring totally in Mandarin for the local fans.

You can see the videos below.