John Cena celebrates birthday with cake at Nottingham show


John Cena celebrated his birthday with a non-televised live event in Nottingham, England, yesterday, however some of the WWE Superstars had a surprise for him after the show was over.

After the last match and with Cena in the ring, Tons of Funk, Zack Ryder, R-Truth, Michael McGillicutty, Daniel Bryan, AJ, Tamina, Kaithlyn and referee Mike Chioda came down the ramp followed by Naomi and Cameron with a cake.

Cena smelled what was coming and told everyone to stop however Sweet T got the crowd to sing happy birthday to Cena  and with everyone in the ring, Cena turned the cake on the Funkadactyls who were holding it.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes interrupted the party, slamming down the city of Notthingham and Cena as well. Cena put over the crowd and said he wants to go on a high note and asked Sandow for a simple handshake.

Sandow said since it’s his birthday, he will give him the honor and after the two shook hands, Cena dropped Sandow on the cake and then slammed Cody’s face in the cake as well.

R-Truth then held up the tray which carried the cake and Cena rammed both Sandow’s and Cody’s head in it to wrap up the show.

You can see the video of this below.