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Jerry Lawler recounts how Vince called him during Rumble Kickoff show to move the crown


During his latest Dinner With The King podcast, Jerry “The King” Lawler recounted how Vince McMahon called him during the Royal Rumble Kickoff show just to tell him to move his crown from one end to another.

Lawler was explaining how busy the backstage area is during the Kickoff show and sometimes they’re still writing the show or making modifications to what will go down while they’re on the air doing these shows. He said that the way they were seated, he had Booker T next to him and placed his crown in between as Beth Phoenix already rehearsed what she was going to say on how great it is for the Royal Rumble to have such royalty on the panel, with both Booker and Lawler sitting side by side.

“The King” had placed his phone behind the crown so it’s not visible to the cameras and while they were airing a B-roll package, his phone lit up and Vince McMahon’s name came up, first thinking it was a rib.

“So, I pressed a go, ‘Hello?’ and Vince goes, ‘King,’ and I said ‘Yeah,’ and he said, ‘Take your crown and move it from your right side to your left side!’ And I’m in shock right, and I pick my crown up, and I move it to the left side and I say, ‘Like that?’ and he goes, ‘Perfect, thanks!’ What the hell? This awesome, right!?”

He said he was surprised that Vince was actually watching the pre-show and not only that, but that he was watching in such depth that and detail that he even had to make the call to move the crown!

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