Jericho helps friend propose to girlfriend inside WWE ring at live event


Chris Jericho, with the help from WWE, made a friend’s dream come true during the WWE live event in Melbourne, Australia yesterday.

Jericho met Daniel House at a Fozzy concert last year and later him and the band learned that House had a terminal cancer. They found him through social media and kept in touch with him.

When Daniel learned that Jericho and the WWE crew were coming to Australia, he asked for a favor – to propose to his girlfriend in the ring. Jericho ran the idea by Triple H who gave the green light to pull the surprise in front of the WWE fans.

“The best part of all was as soon as he asked the question, 15,000 fans starting chanting ‘Yes!’ which is pretty cool,” Jericho told WWE.COM.

Daniel was given just three months to live last January but he’s still defying the odds. “He became an inspiration. Not only is he a Fozzy fan, but he’s a big WWE fan and a big Chris Jericho fan,” Jericho said.

You can see the surprise proposal below.