Jericho debuts podcast on WWE Network tonight with Cena


Tonight right after Monday Night Raw, the current United States champion John Cena will be participating in the third live podcast on the WWE Network, but this time it will not be Steve Austin asking the questions.

After some issues with the WWE Hall of Famer, the company turned to former champ Chris Jericho to bring his podcast to the Network. The Austin podcasts with Vince McMahon and Triple H were two of the most watched videos on the Network since it has launched.

Jericho is more of a company man and might not be asking those hard and uncomfortable questions that Austin asked in the past. Bringing up Chyna with Triple H was not a well received option backstage and HHH’s answer didn’t really help either, with Chyna coming out with some serious allegations.

The WWE Network is currently free for the month of April for new subscribers.