Jeff Hardy talks about the “huge possibility” of returning to WWE


Former TNA champion Jeff Hardy appeared on Ric Flair’s WOOOOO! Nation podcast to discuss a variety of subjects including a potential return to the WWE.

The charismatic and popular Hardy said that there is a “huge possibility” that he returns to WWE later down the road although he’s not sure when that would happen. He said that both himself and his brother Matt want to end their careers in the WWE and have one more go at the Dudley Boyz.

“As far as us returning and having some more matches with them…it all depends on how long they’re going to be there for and how long it takes us to get there,” Jeff said.

Hardy also said that while he’s done pretty much everything there is to do in wrestling, there are two things that he has not accomplished yet – participate in a Hell In A Cell match and main event WrestleMania.