JBL apologizes to the Colon family after RAW remark


John “Bradshaw” Layfield issued an apology to Carlos Colon, Primo, and Epico, after a line he said on Monday Night RAW offended the three Puerto Ricans.

Layfield explained how as a heel commentator he tries to say things to put over certain individuals and what he says is not intended to offend anyone, but rather entertain.

He went on how he called himself as a “dollar working with two dimes,” referring to his two broadcast colleagues, Jim Ross and Michael Cole, and then listed other jabs at other Superstars which he said on RAW however when it came to the Colon’s, the trio apparently got offended.

During his commentary, the self-proclaimed wrestling god said that while Primo comes from a great heritage and his father – Carlos Colon – was a 24-time Puerto Rico champion, he still owed him and many others money.

“Apparently I have offended Mr Colon and/or the wrestling community/office in Puerto Rico. This was never intended, there was no malice. I was trying to entertain – and put his kids over by listing their histories. So my apologies to Mr Colon, Primo and Epico, and any of the other wrestling community in Puerto Rico that are now upset,” the former WWE champion wrote.