Jake “The Snake” Roberts explains how his return to RAW came about

Jake Roberts

Speaking to WWE.COM about his surprise return on RAW, Jake “The Snake” Roberts explained how only a handful of people knew about it and it was kept secret until he hit the Gorilla position.

Jake said that he flew into a different airport and he was smuggled in the backstage area and was put in one of the busses away from everyone. He spent five hours there waiting until someone told him what was going to happen. Jake said that he was taken care of and they brought him food and a number to call in case he needed something while sitting there waiting.

He added that only Mark Carrano, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Diamond Dallas Page, and the person who did his travel knew about his return and met Vince just minutes before he came out to the ring.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it would ever happen,” Roberts told WWE.COM. You can read the interesting interview in full here.