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IYO SKY wins the WWE Women’s title after MITB briefcase cash-in


A Money In The Bank cash in took place at SummerSlam which resulted in a new WWE Women’s champion.

The triple threat match between champion Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and Bianca Belair ended when Flair had Belair in the Figure 8 and Asuka came in and spit mist in Flair’s eyes. She then tried to attack Belair, still in the Figure 8, but Belair managed to roll up Asuka, pinning her and winning the title.

But Belair’s celebration did not last long as IYO SKY’s theme song hit the speakers and she came down sprinting with Bayley. Bayley took out Flair in the aisle with the briefcase and then tried to level Belair but Belair fought back. SKY grabbed the briefcase and attacked Belair’s injured leg and set her up for the moonsault.

SKY then handed over the briefcase and told the referee she’s cashing in. She waited on the ropes as the bell rang and then hit the moonsault immediately. A three count later and a new WWE Women’s champion was crowned.

She was then joined by Bayley and the returning Dakota Kai celebrating in the ring, exactly a year after the Damage Control group was formed at last year’s SummerSlam.

SKY’s successful win keeps the 100% record of women’s MITB briefcase cash-ins.

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