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Is the White Rabbit arriving on Smackdown tonight?

The last White Rabbit tease on Monday Night Raw ended with 9:23 flashing on the screen. 9:23 is today and tonight there happens to be a live Friday Night Smackdown.

So will the White Rabbit show up tonight? Or will there be another tease instead?

The internet wrestling community is convinced that all these teases are for the return of Bray Wyatt. The man who designed The Fiend’s mask and helped shape up the character uploaded a photo this week of a White Rabbit mask with “feed your head” written as the caption.

The Hangman game which had the question “who killed the world” and the answer of “you did” is also a take on a previous interview where Wyatt said that he didn’t kill the world.

The phrase “come with me” which appeared at the end of the video on Monday is what Wyatt used to finish off his first promo in the old FCW.

Plus, the red lights that WWE is using towards the end of the White Rabbit song during live events is the lighting that The Fiend used to get repeatedly.

But as it’s often the case, it remains to be seen if these clues will really lead towards the return of Wyatt. Triple H made it no secret that he would love to work with him again in a recent interview and there have been several discussions with Wyatt for a potential return.

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