Is Matt Hardy’s Broken gimmick ready for WWE television?


Matt Hardy has been hinting heavily on Twitter that he will be resuming the shenanigans of his Broken gimmick as rumors are flying around that WWE and Matt Hardy have reached an agreement with Impact to take over full rights of the gimmick which Matt himself created while working for Impact Wrestling.

“The OBSOLETE Owl cannot evade my #BROKENBrilliance by flying away.. DELETION is coming,” Matt tweeted, adding an old video of an owl flying away full-speed ahead inside at a reception and heading straight into a glass window, falling down as the crowd gasps.

His Twitter interactions seemed to be more of Broken Matt rather than Matt Hardy lately and last night he even posted a photo of his infamous boat Skarsgard, now painted in gold color.

Hardy has been locked into a battle with Impact Wrestling over rights of his character. He claims that he created it, so he owns it, while Impact owns any footage that he shot while working with them. Impact, on the other hand, claims that they own the full rights of the gimmick and Ed Nordholm even credited Impact writers for coming up with the character, rather than Matt.

Matt filed for trademark of the gimmick the day after he was free of his Impact contract but the process of filing for a trademark application takes a long time, especially when there’s objection to the application. Impact wanted a percentage cut of anything that relates to his character.