Is Dolph Ziggler staying or is he going?


Perhaps the most intriguing thing on the card tonight at No Mercy is the Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz match, where The Miz is putting up his Intercontinental up for grabs while Ziggler is putting his career on the line.

Screenshots posted online from cable providers show that there will be some sort of celebration of Ziggler’s WWE career this coming Tuesday on Smackdown, suggesting that the former World Heavyweight champion is on the way out, or is temporarily being written off television.

Ziggler signed a new long-term deal in June of last year so unless there is a swerve coming, he’s staying put. ”I mean, it feels like I started here, I should end my career in the WWE,” he said last year in an interview with the Boston Herald newspaper after re-signing. “I feel like they like having me around and I love working here, so it would be really hard to walk away.”

However, today Ziggler fueled more speculations that he is on his way out with a simple tweet. “If you think they don’t know what they’re doing booking-wise, you must not want to watch tonight,” he said.