Is CM Punk really gone for good?


It is being reported by that the word going around is that CM Punk was given his release from WWE this past Friday.

If he indeed was given his release, the folks at WWE.COM haven’t done their job yet as his profile is still up on the website and Punk is featured on the front page of to sell his new merchandise.

The former WWE champion walked out of WWE a couple of weeks ago, unhappy with his direction and his place on the WrestleMania card where he was rumored to be fighting Triple H. Punk’s contract was originally expiring this coming July and he previously said in interviews that he is not sure what he would do although those around him felt that his time was up and was not going to sign a new deal for the company.

CM Punk has been removed from all advertising for upcoming WWE live events and also pulled from Axxess at WrestleMania weekend. The big problem WWE has coming up is that RAW on March 3 is from Punk’s hometown of Chicago and the Chicago crowd is usually very, very, very vocal, which could lead to segments being hijacked by CM Punk chants.