Is Brock Lesnar staying in WWE or leaving after WrestleMania?


In his latest blog, Jim Ross said according to sources it’s looking more likely that Brock Lesnar stays with WWE past WrestleMania 31.

According to these sources, the apparent change of heart is due long term health affects of fighting, specifically concussion oriented issues.

Lesnar’s WWE deal is set to expire after WrestleMania 31 and the general feeling has been that Lesnar was going back to the UFC for round two of his mixed martial arts career. Lesnar was a box office mega star for the UFC and made the company millions and millions of dollars in pay-per-view revenue.

Ever since coming to WWE a couple of years ago, Lesnar has made millions himself, having one of the most lucrative WWE deals ever which includes very limited TV appearances during the year, no non-televised live events, no media, and the ability to showcase sponsors on his ring gear.