Io Shirai returns to Stardom after WWE pulls offer due to injuries


There are rumors floating around that Japanese female sensation Io Shirai is not coming to WWE after her results from the physical tests showed several problems regarding her neck.

Shirai was given the all-clear by doctors to resume wrestling but WWE decided to pull their offer from the table according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. After the WWE offer was gone, Shirai wasted no time and returned to Stardom in Japan on the July 30 show after saying her farewell several weeks before.

The 27-year-old had announced in mid-June that she would be leaving Stardom to rehab her neck injury, an injury she suffered after taking a nasty piledriver during a match in mid-May. During the same timeframe in mid-May, Shirai agreed to join WWE. In March she had a tryout with WWE, a tryout with a difference as she did not participate in regular workouts but was there to check out the area and the facilities as WWE tried to woo her to join the company.

Shirai is considered one of the best female wrestlers on the planet and is the MVP of World Wonder Ring Stardom.