Investigation against Paige dropped as El Patron refuses to press charges


Investigation against WWE Superstar Paige in connection with the Orlando airport incident has been dropped by the State Attorney’s Office after her fiancee Alberto El Patron refused to press charges against her.

Paige was investigated and was going to be charged with domestic violence, with El Patron as the victim, back in early July and faced automatic dismissal from WWE per their Wellness Program policy. The SAO had enough evidence to prosecute her according to TMZ but El Patron looks like he has saved her career for the moment.

Their incident at the airport resulted in chaos, first with El Patron being arrested, then an eye-witness came forward with audio evidence of their fight, and then the investigation taking a 180 degrees turn with Paige named as the attacker.

It wasn’t just bad news for Paige though as GFW suspended El Patron pending their internal investigation and then stripped him off the GFW World title for his behavior. El Patron remains suspended and with GFW taping two months worth of Impact it could be a while before we see El Patron back on television.