Intercontinental and Cruiserweight titles at risk of switch brands


The Intercontinental and Cruiserweight titles are at risk of switching brands tonight as both titles are on the line with opponents from the opposite brand.

The Miz, who only got the match after defeating Dolph Ziggler earlier this week, will defend the Intercontinental title against Sami Zayn. If Sami Zayn wins, then the Intercontinental title switches from Smackdown to Raw.

The Cruiserweight title situation is a bit more important though as if Kalisto from Smackdown defeats The Brian Kendrick, not only does the Cruiserweight title moves to Smackdown, but the entire Cruiserweight division moves as well. The Cruiserweights will start their new show, 205 Live, on November 29 and will be taping immediately following Smackdown so switching brands makes more sense logistically.