Hulk in more trouble after jailhouse audio recordings with son are released


Bad news keeps piling up on Hulk Hogan as Bay News 9 in Florida went back to listen to the 2008 jail audio conversations that Hogan had with his son Nick and released transcripts of calls that were never released to the public before. Nick was serving an eight month sentence for a car crash that left his friend John Graziano, permanently disabled.

“You and me been sitting on some serious phone, phone dialogue here ni**a,” Hogan said. His son does not say the N word himself and refers to it as “nibbah” instead. His father then corrects him. “Ni**a, ni**a, that means, that means you (are) my best friend,” Hogan says.

Hogan then goes into a weird rant about reincarnation saying that both of them are going to live forever. “I just hope we don’t come back as a couple, I don’t want to say it, blizz-ack gizz-uys, you know what I’m saying?” Nick laughed with his father before responding, “Brutal!”

When Hulk told Nick about maybe being transferred to a juvenile hall instead of an adult jail, Nick told him that “it’s mixed-race and we get along with everybody, so that’s fine.” Hulk then said, “Your mom went there and said it was mainly blizz, you know what I’m sizz-aying? And that some of the ladies there that, you know, run the school are nice blizz lizz-adies, you know?”

Meanwhile, the judge presiding over Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker has set a March 7, 2016 date for the trial to start, pushing it again from October. Hogan also pushed a motion seeking more time to determine who leaked the transcripts to the National Enquirer, a motion that the judge has not ruled on yet.