Hulk Hogan returns to WWE at Crown Jewel


WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan made his return to the company today at Crown Jewel amidst several fireworks and was introduced as the host of the show.

Hogan has not appeared on WWE television since June 2015 after he was fired for the several racist remarks he made years earlier which were captured on tape and then leaked to the National Enquirer. Hogan was a judge on the Tough Enough reality TV show on USA Network when he received his marching orders.

Since then, WWE basically eliminated Hogan from their history, removing him from the Hall of Fame and any mention of him, including his footage from video packages, intros, etc. It was only this year that the relationship between the two parties got warmer and WWE then invited Hogan to come backstage at Extreme Rules and apologize to the whole WWE locker room. Hogan was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame but the company made it clear that he was not on their books…yet.

His return was widely expected and several weeks ago the Saudi GSA chairman tweeted a photo of Hogan while promoting Crown Jewel, confirming the rumors that he would be indeed making the trip.

What is Hogan’s future in the WWE remains to be seen after Crown Jewel comes to a close.