Hulk Hogan looks to be gone from WWE for good


The relationship between Hulk Hogan and WWE seemed to have taken a nose dive as rumors are that WWE is cutting all ties with the Hulkster and has already removed him from the lineup of judges from the Tough Enough website.

Hogan was also removed from the Hall of Fame website, with the only people under the “H” name being Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Harley Race, High Chief Peter Maivia, and Howard Finkel. A search for his name returns zero results with WWE pulling all merchandise.

“In the storm I release control, God and his Universe will sail me where he wants me to be, one love,” wrote Hogan on Twitter.

It’s still unclear why Hogan is being completely removed and receiving the Chris Benoit treatment. There is a video floating around on YouTube where Hogan says the “N” word but it was him describing the promo that Harlem Heat cut on him while on WCW where Booker T called Hogan the “N” word live by mistake.

There is a rumor that the National Enquirer has the audio of Hogan going on a racist rant and that it’s being released shortly.

Whatever it is, the situation is serious enough for WWE to break ties with one of the most popular wrestling legends in the history of the business.

We will have more updates throughout the day regarding this breaking news.