Hulk Hogan duped on Twitter to retweet fake request with Madeline McCann photo


Hulk Hogan is getting ripped on Twitter after he was trolled by one particular user who had a not-so-funny joke and his message was retweeted by Hogan himself to his 1.2 million followers.

“@HulkHogan any chance of an RT for my little niece? She just won the hide and seek competition and loves watching you,” an individual with the Twitter username @CarlRoney wrote, attaching a picture of Madeleine McCann. McCann is the little British girl who was abducted in Portugal in May 2003 and to this day has not been found.

“Uh oh. Hulk hogan rt’d me,” Roney wrote afterward. Some Twitter users took offense at the joke and lambasted Hogan for retweeting while others jumped to his defense asking how would Hogan know who she is.

Hogan’s retweet is still there and it triggered another 2,500 retweets of the picture so far.

UPDATE: The tweet was eventually removed from Hogan’s timeline a few hours later.