House of Horrors house was in Richmond, Missouri and not in San Jose


Twitter user @SYNJE_Vox has revealed that the house used in the House of Horrors match last night at Payback is actually located in Richmond, Missouri, a couple of thousand miles away from San Jose where the pay-per-view was held.

The two-bedroom fixer-upper is listed on real estate website with a price tag of $36,000 and is being sold “as is.” It sits on a 3 acre site.

It’s interesting to note that the location of the house is around a 45-minute drive from Kansas City, the site of last week’s Monday Night Raw. It’s most likely that the filming of the first part of the match was done last week when WWE was in town for Raw. When the match started on the pay-per-view, there was still sunlight in San Jose while the match was shot under in the dark. It seems that whoever is in charge of continuity missed that tiny detail.