Hornswoggle wins the WWE ’13 Superstar Challenge at Axxess


Hornswoggle won the 2013 2K Sports Superstar Challenge yesterday at Axxess, defeating Big E. Langston in the final WWE ’13 match to win the trophy. Last year’s champion AJ Lee did not participate in the tournament.

The Superstar Challenge had 16 WWE Superstars face off against each other in a tournament style. In the qualifying rounds, JTG defeated Tyson Kidd, Big E. Langston defeated Zack Ryder, Jey Uso defeated Epico, Jimmy Uso defeated Primo, Kofi Kingston defeated Alex Riley, Hornswoggle defeated Damien Sandow, Hunico defeated Sin Cara, and Rosa Medes defeated Kaitlyn.

In the quarter finals, Big E defeated Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso defeated Hunico, Hornswoggle defeated Kofi Kingston, and JTG defeated Rosa Mendes.

Moving to the semi finals, Hornswoggle defeated JTG and then Big E defeated Jimmy Uso to set up the big man vs little man finale which this time around, the quick fingers of Hornswoggle proved to be a bit too much for Langston.

The event was streamed live on the Internet by the new WWE video game license holders 2K Sports.