Hogan, Cena, and Stephanie on #31to31 Tech Tour in California


Hulk Hogan, John Cena, and Stephanie McMahon were at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California, for a Q&A with fans and all three of them got the #AskSteph, #AskCena, and #AskHulk hashtags trending worldwide.

Fans asked all kind of questions during the session. One asked Cena if he will ever propose to Nikki, to which he replied to keep watching Total Divas. Hogan was asked who he thinks should be in the Hall of Fame, and replied Ravishing Rick Rude. Triple H also got in the action asking his wife, “What time will you be home?”

You can look up all the questions and answers by going to their respective Twitter accounts.

Hogan, Cena, and Steph are on a #31to31 tech tour, with 31 days remaining for WrestleMania 31 in the Bay Area. The first stop was at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, for a tour of the facilities as well as a Q&A with Google employees. Jimmy Hart – as always – was accompanying Hulk Hogan on the trip.