Grammy Award-winning Usos? Oops!


Even seasoned ring announcers sometime slip up and Lilian Garcia found that out last night on Raw.

No, she didn’t literally slip up physically, although she did that in the past, but had an oops! moment while introducing former tag team champions The Usos.

Ever since winning a Slammy Award, The Usos have been introduced as the Slammy Award-winning Usos. This time, Garcia messed up and introduced them as the “Grammy Award-winning tag team of the year,” The Usos.

Obviously the folks backstage capitalized on this and did not let it die, replaying the segment again with the announcers cracking jokes.

“Music side of me came out in that match,” Garcia joked afterward on Twitter. She then posted a photo of herself holding a Grammy Award saying that when you have one of these in your hand, you can’t think of anything else!

“AMAZING NEWS!! Congratulations to the #GRAMMY award-winning @WWEUsos! #RAW #WWEMusicFam,” the WWE Music Group Twitter then posted today.

You can see the video below.