Goldberg: “My body feels horrible”


Former WCW champion Goldberg told NBC Sports that his body is feeling “horrible” just days before the Survivor Series and that he’s terrified about his match against Brock Lesnar.

Goldberg revealed that he tweaked his shoulder on Raw but that alone is not going to stop him from “kicking ass and taking names” this coming Sunday at the Survivor Series.

He said that he has trained three times a day for three days a week and two times a day during the other four days and has not had a day off since his return. “The problem is that you’re trying to accomplish 50 things at once and it’s just not physically possible to give yourself the proper time to recuperate after all of these workouts. You know, I felt the ill effects of that when I tripped in the ring during my second appearance,” Goldberg said, referring to the slip when he was in the ring with Rusev.

Goldberg added that he’s treating this match as his last because he’s only concerned about the Lesnar match.