Glenn Jacobs mayor of Knox County? Today is election day!


It’s a big day for former WWE champion Kane as the man behind the mask, Glenn Jacobs, is battling an opponent in a different kind of match today: an election to become the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Jacobs campaigned hard over the past year and a half and held several fundraisers along with fellow WWE Superstars who came in to help with attendance and money.

He won the GOP primary back in May by just 17 votes and will face Democrat Linda Haney. The vote is expected to be a “squash match” as Jacobs is expected to win the election by a landslide considering Knox County leans heavily towards the red side of the political spectrum.

Jacobs said he still plans to pop up on WWE television from time to time even if he’s elector mayor. He was last seen at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view where a leg injury kept him away from most of the match he had with Team Hell No partner Daniel Bryan versus The Bludgeon Brothers.