Getting to MetLife Stadium for WrestleMania


While getting to WrestleMania today by car might be the most convenient, finding parking at the amount of traffic there will be might not be the smartest way to go.

The shuttle bus service from Secaucus Junction (Platform #10) to MetLife Stadium will begin at 11AM and will operate at approximately 15 minute intervals until rail service begins. Rail service from Secaucus Junction to the stadium kicks off at 2:41PM and will continue to operate every 8-20 minutes from 3:14PM to 7:18PM.​

For fans coming from New Jersey, all NJ Transit rail lines connect through Secaucus Junction. Upon arrival at Secaucus Junction, transfer to the Meadowlands Rail Line on Tracks G or H. Tickets should be purchased from originating station to Meadowlands Station and travel tile is approximately 10 minutes with the round trip fare costing $4.50.

If you are in New York, you can head to New York Penn Station on 34th Street and board the NJ Transit train that stops at Secaucus Junction Station. The information screen will say “SEC” next to the line name. After you arrive at the station in Secaucus, transfer to the Meadowlands Rail Line and go upstairs into the concourse. Then follow the signs to Tracks G or H. The approximate travel time for the whole journey is around 22 minutes and the round trip fare costs $11.

Coach USA will also offer an express bus service from Port Authority on 42nd Street at Gate 411 and 412 to MetLife Stadium. The 351 Meadowlands Express will begin at 1:30PM and will end one hour after the conclusion of WrestleMania. Round trip tickets cost $14.00.