Gallows and Anderson turn down new WWE deals is reporting that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson turned down multi-million dollar deals that would see them stay with WWE after their current deal expires in September.

The former Bullet Club members came in with a lot of hype in 2016 but with typical WWE booking, they failed to keep the momentum going for the duo and after an initial run with AJ Styles as The Club, they faded into mid-card territory and sometimes not even appearing at all on WWE television.

PWInsider also adds that with discussions breaking down between all parties involved, both Gallows and Anderson have been taken off the live events schedule until further notice.

With the resurgence of the independent scene, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and the arrival of All Elite Wrestling, wrestlers who are unhappy in WWE are now more comfortable not signing new deals or asking for their release, something which was unheard of a couple of years ago.

WWE missed the boat big time with Gallows and Anderson and their departure from WWE would mean a great opportunity for the next company that lands their talent.