Full unedited version of this week’s Smackdown put online


An unedited version of this week’s Smackdown taped from London, England, made its way online after someone in production either leaked it or else it was grabbed over the air while it was being beamed back to the United States via satellite.

This version shows everything from the entrances of Cole and JBL, to what an audience of Smackdown really sounds like (since everything is dubbed), to both announcers talking back with production, and Vince McMahon apparently correcting Michael Cole at the end of the broadcast to which Cole replies with a couple of “Yes sir.”

While scripts from RAW and Smackdown have leaked online before, this was probably the first time that the full unedited broadcast has been put on the Internet. You can read a script from the April 14 RAW which leaked online below and the unedited version of Smackdown at http://watchwrestling.ch/home/watch-wwe-smackdown-52314/