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Full betting odds for tonight’s SummerSlam 2019

With hours away from SummerSlam, here are the odds for all the matches that are part of tonight’s card. Please remember that these odds will most likely change throughout the night so be careful when placing a bet with real money. You can start betting on casinobushi by choosing which player you are rooting on or you may want to gamble through slot games.

Universal champion Brock Lesnar remains the favorite to retain the title tonight with his odds at 4/6. Seth Rollins, who guaranteed that he will defeat Lesnar, is at 10/11. Kofi Kingston is also the favorite to keep his WWE title against Randy Orton, with Kofi’s odds at 1/2 and those of Orton at 6/4.

Over at the women’s division, Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch is 1/5 favorite to retain the Raw Women’s title against Natalya who is at 7/2. Things are also looking good for Bayley who is 1/2 favorite to retain her Smackdown Women’s title against Ember Moon who is at 6/4.

Two other titles are on the line at SummerSlam. The United States title defended by AJ Styles looks like it is staying within The O.C. as Styles is 4/6 favorite and Ricochet the underdog at 11/10. The Cruiserweight match, which is being moved to the Kick-Off show, has Drew Gulak at 1/3 favorite against Oney Lorcan at 9/4.

Bray Wyatt, in his first match back since his return, is 1/16 overwhelming favorite against Finn Balor who is a distant 7/1. Goldberg is also the big favorite in his match against Dolph Ziggler, with his odds at 1/6 against Ziggler who is 7/2. Is Kevin Owens leaving WWE? According to bookmakers, no. Owens is 1/3 favorite in his singles match against Shane McMahon who is 9/4. And last but not least, Charlotte Flair is 2/7 favorite in her match against Trish Stratus who is 5/2.

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