Full betting odds for Fastlane 2019


With nine matches on the card, seven of which on the main pay-per-view, the Fastlane show offers a lot of betting possibilities. Today we take a look at all the matches and the favorites to win according to online gambling sites.

WWE champion Daniel Bryan remains the favorite to walk out of Cleveland with the WWE title with his odds at 2/7 while his opponent Kevin Owens is at 5/2.

The Smackdown Women’s champion Asuka is at 1/7 favorite to retain her title with Mandy Rose at 4/1 for the major upset. The other title match involving the women sees Bayley and Sasha Banks 1/5 favorites to keep the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles against Nia Jax and Tamina whose odds are 10/3.

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Both the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team titles are on the line at Fastlane. The Usos are 1/8 favorites to keep the Smackdown Tag Team titles over The Miz and Shane McMahon who are at 9/2 and over at the red brand, The Revival will defend against Black and Ricochet and Roode and Gable in a triple threat match. The champs have 4/9 odds and are the favorites while the NXT stars are 2/1 and Roode and Gable are far behind at 8/1.

The Shield reunites possibly for the last time on pay-per-view and are 1/10 favorites to win against Corbin, Lashley, and McIntyre who are at 11/2. The other non-title match on the PPV is Becky vs Charlotte, with Becky 1/5 favorite to win and reclaiming her WrestleMania spot while Flair is at 10/3.

The two Kickoff matches have Andrade and The New Day both at 8/11 favorites to beat Rey Mysterio and Rusev and Nakamura who are 1/1 respectively.