Full 2013 Hall of Fame ceremony available online tomorrow…as pay-per-view


If you want to see the full Hall of Fame induction ceremony from last week, the good news is that you don’t have to wait till the WrestleMania 29 Blu-Ray or DVD is released and can actually watch it this week.

The bad news is that WWE has decided to put it up as an online pay-per-view starting from tomorrow and airing through April 19 for $7.99 if you’re in the U.S., or $4.99 for everywhere else. The PPV is available only on WWE.com, the WWE Mobile App, Xbox Live and Samsung SMART TVs.

The three and a half hour broadcast is one of the best Hall of Fames of the past years, with a memorable speech from Mick Foley, the craziness of Bob Backlund, Trish revealing she’s pregnant, Trump getting booed out of the building, Booker T’s on-stage spinaroonie, and the induction of one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling, Bruno Sammartino.

To order online go to http://ppv.wwe.com/product.html?productId=60298