Four wrestlers from NXT released is reporting that three NXT Superstars and one Diva were released today.

The four unfortunate to receive the pink slip are Mason Ryan, Oliver Grey, Danny Burch, and Shaul Guerrero.

Mason Ryan was part of WWE’s main roster in 2011 and aligned himself with the Nexus when CM Punk headed the group. He last appeared on WWE television at Survivor Series that same year and last week wrestled Tyson Kidd on NXT.

Grey and Burch never made it to the main roster and rarely appeared on NXT episodes. Both of them are British wrestlers.

Shaul Guerrero is the daughter of Vickie and the late Eddie Guerrero. She recently returned to NXT after first asking for her release at the end of 2012. She returned a year later to NXT but this time her return only last a few months.