Former wrestler Dan Spivey jumps to WWE’s defense over lawsuits


Several readers sent in word to point out a message written by Dan Spivey, the former WCW and WWE wrestler who worked as Waylon Mercy in the-then WWF, regarding the recent lawsuits being filed against WWE by former wrestlers.

Spivey wrote that he does not agree with everything that is going on and he’s thankful for WWE for all they did to him. He said that he got into wrestling because loved it and yes, he did get injured and he did work 7 days a week but he traveled the world and became a household name and he loved it.

He said he did have a drug and alcohol addiction but not because of professional wrestling, but because of him. He said it’s been 6 years clean and sober now and that’s all thanks to the WWE.

“The WWE has a program in place where former WWF/WWE Superstars can go to a rehab facility, all expenses paid, no questions asked, which I was able to take advantage of,” he wrote.

Spivey thanked WWE for allowing him to live his dream and save his life and has no regrets or ill feelings towards the company.

“There were a lot of good hands that never got a chance to work for the WWF/WWE, and part of the lawsuit is that they want to form a union. For every guy that would walk out, there would be 10 guys that would cross the picket line and work for free just to say that they worked for the WWE,” he concluded.

Spivey also published a letter he sent to Billy Jack Haynes, who is one of the several who is suing WWE. He noted that Vince paid him $500 a week while he recovered from an injury for six months and no one forced him to wrestle. He also told him that McMahon never asked him to take pain pills or steroids.

You can read the message he wrote to fans here and the letter he sent to Billy Jack Haynes here.