Former tag team champion Sylvain Grenier hired as WWE producer


In an interview with French-Canadian website TVA Sports, former WWE Tag Team title holder Sylvain Grenier revealed that he is now working for WWE again as an agent/producer.

The 42-year-old Quebecer is best known for being part of the La Résistance tag team between 2003 and 2005 with René Duprée. After his release from WWE, he worked for Impact Wrestling doing French commentary between 2007 and 2009.

“When WWE came to Montreal in April 2019, I went to meet Kevin Dunn to ask him for pictures of the time I won the team titles at the Bell Center,” Grenier told TVA Sports. “We started talking about things and others and he told me that the company was looking for agents. I had just had a child, I was working on my show, I didn’t want to end up on the road as much as before. But he told me that things had changed. The company then invited me to the premiere of SmackDown on FOX in Los Angeles and a few exchanges later, we had an agreement.”

Grenier explained his role as being the guy who “fine tunes” a little bit of the ideas that others come up with and to serve as a bridge between the powers that be and the wrestlers on how their particular match should go.

“For the moment I’m in training. But eventually I will be assigned to the red team or the blue team, Raw or SmackDown. I’m going to do a TV show a week, every PPV and once a month, I’m going to tour house shows,” Grenier added.