Former NXT and Cruiserweight champion Neville gone from WWE


Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that former WWE Cruiserweight champion Neville is no longer under a contract.

Neville quit WWE in October 2017 before an episode of Monday Night Raw and has not appeared ever since. Unlike other wrestlers, Neville also chose not to discuss anything about his situation and his Twitter account last had any activity in the end of September, complaining to WWE about his simple and ugly-looking WWE Shop t-shirt. “This ATROCITY is not on the NEVILLE LEVEL. THE KING deserves better,” he wrote in his last tweet.

It’s unknown at this point if Neville is under a no-compete clause. It’s believed that WWE froze his contract when he walked out. Triple H was asked about Neville during the NXT conference call last week but had no answer to it, saying that he would have to check about it.