Forbes puts WWE in 7th in best-selling licensed entertainment products has released the 20 best-selling licensed entertainment products, a list which was topped by Disney.

WWE did pretty well, coming in at number 7 with an estimate of $700 million. The company was the only one sports-related in the list.

The top ten include Disney Princess at $1.6 billion in first, Star Wars with $1.5 billion in second, Pooh in third with $1.09 billion, Cars in fourth with $1.05 billion, Hello Kitty with $800 million in fifth, Mickey & Friends in sixth with $750 million, WWE with $700 million in seventh, Toy Story in eighth with $685 million, Peanuts with $600 million in ninth, and Sesame Street with $515 million in tenth.

Disney had five of the top ten and another two entries in eleventh and sixteenth.