Foley invited for Christmas Raw but turns it down due other commitments


In a post on his Facebook page, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley revealed that WWE contacted him about being the special guest for the Christmas episode of Monday Night Raw but had to decline, which is why the company went for plan B – Hulk Hogan.

Foley was addressing those who slammed WWE for not inviting him for the Christmas Raw, a holiday that Foley holds very close to his heart.

“But the truth is, I was asked by WWE if I would like to travel to Minneapolis for Raw, but had to turn the opportunity down, due to a prior commitment. I’ll miss it. I’ll watch, and probably wish I was there. But as important as appearing on Christmas Raw is to me, honoring a commitment means just a little bit more,” the hardcore legend wrote.

Foley added that he has enjoyed being part of WWE’s holiday season in his own small way and hoped to be part of the Christmas episode in 2016.

“So don’t hold it against the Hulkster or WWE, I wasn’t forgotten or disrespected in any way. Just previously engaged,” he concluded.