Five more WWE Superstars switch brands


Despite the Superstar Shake-up ending last week, five individuals swapped brands yesterday as WWE continued to shuffle Superstars around.

Andrade, Zelina Vega, and Alistair Black have all been moved to Smackdown. Andrade and Vega were on Smackdown before while Black performed on both brands leading up to the Shake-up episode. With this move, Andrade rejoins his girlfriend Charlotte Flair on the blue brand while Black and Vega, also a couple, remain together as well.

Moving the opposite direction were the United States champion Samoa Joe and Cesaro. With the IC title on Smackdown, it was bound to happen that the U.S. title is moved back to Raw. Cesaro leaving Smackdown also effectively ends The Bar tag team, with now Sheamus on his own over at Smackdown.