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First look at the Elimination Chamber 2022 set up at the Jeddah Super Dome

With two days to go, WWE Superstars are already in Saudi Arabia as they prepare for the Elimination Chamber and participate in community events around Jeddah.

WWE already took over the Jeddah Super Dome and the building of the set is pretty much complete. The Arabic @WrestlinClub Twitter account got exclusive footage of the Elimination Chamber built in the middle of the massive Super Dome structure, showing the usual big LED screen as the backdrop, the long entrance, the four steel structures supporting the lighting rig and the Chamber, and the video screens which will beam pictures to the audience.

According to TicketMX, no more tickets are available for the Elimination Chamber which means that the show is sold out. While the Jeddah Super Dome seats up to 35,000 people, there will be considerably less since the big stage and the ring set up occupies most of the floor.

This will be unlike any other WWE event as the Super Dome is built differently and there are no “nose bleed” seats, ensuring that everyone will have a great seat and view.

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