First big match for the 2018 Survivor Series announced


The first big match for the 2018 Survivor Series was made official yesterday and will see the two women’s champions – Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch – taking on each other in a non-title match.

Lynch has been on a fast rise lately, adopting a character similar to what Stone Cold Steve Austin was back in the day and the fans have quickly jumped on her bandwagon. Despite doing some heel antics, Becky keeps getting cheered big time from fans.

Meanwhile, the still relatively rookie Ronda Rousey has won the Raw Women’s title in just eight months since her Rumble debut and has greatly improved from her debut match at WrestleMania. Rousey looks more confident on the mic and in the ring and taking on a veteran like Becky Lynch will push Rousey even more.

The fact that this is a non-title match probably means that there’s some room to do a DQ-type finish, protecting both women – and both titles – from looking inferior to each other.

Rousey described the match as “the unstoppable force and the unmovable object” while Becky said that this is “The baddest champ on the planet and Ronda Rousey.”