Finn Balor congratulates the new WWE Universal champion


Before Raw started, Kevin Owens vowed to teach a 7’ tall monster that height is irrelevant, show an architect that his vision is all wrong, and destroy an empire. After the show was over, the new WWE Universal champion had just two words for everyone.

“I win.”

Former champion Finn Balor was quick to congratulate the new champion. “We have been through it all together. I’ve no doubt we will go through it all again,” Balor posted on Twitter, along with a photo of the two together sitting on a bench looking away from each other.

Instead of his typical heel-ish replies, Owens replied saying, “I look forward to it,” adding a photo of the two doing the Too Sweet hand gesture backstage with Owens holding the NXT title.

The two Superstars went to battle in the indies as well as on NXT and it looks like when Balor is back, his old arch nemesis will be there waiting, possibly still holding the Universal title.