Finn Balor and Bayley…dance to Dirty Dancing song


“Finn 3:16 says…may I have this dance?” And that’s how the saga continued between NXT champ Finn Balor and NXT Women’s champ Bayley at a non-televised NXT live event in Orlando.

Bayley dropped her title and turned around to see what the fans wanted and was met with “Yes!” chants. Balor dropped his title too, the lights were dimmed and Dirty Dancing’s “The Time of my life” song hit the speakers and the two danced….like robots. Bayley then went to the corner and ran towards Balor as he lifted her up just like in the movie before goofing around some more in the ring.

The two have been tearing it up at house shows doing crazy stuff, showcasing genuine friendship. You can see the video below.