Fergal Devitt gets his WWE name


It’s very rarely that when someone is brought in WWE and they have already made their name on the indy circuit, they get to keep their name. We saw it two weeks ago with Kenta – who was renamed to Hideo Itami – and now it’s Fergal Devitt’s turn.

The 33 year old Irish who has wrestled around the world as Prince Devitt got his WWE name this week. Finn Balor. Yes, Finn Balor.

Devitt signed a deal with WWE in May of 2014 but was officially unveiled as the latest member of NXT at the end of July. The reason WWE changes everyone’s name when they can is to protect their trademark. Since Prince Devitt is not a trademark owned by WWE, it would complicate issues when it comes to merchandising and marketing his name.

Who’s next? Most likely Kevin Steen.