Fans start #GiveDivasAChance hashtag after 30 second Divas match on Raw


The #GiveDivasAChance hashtag was trending on Twitter last night during Raw and still now almost 24 hours later as WWE fans showed their disappointment after the 30 second tag team “match” between the Bellas and Paige and Emma.

The Divas on the main roster are usually relegated to stupid segments or very short matches in comparison the Divas-in-training at NXT, whose matches usually rank up there as one of the best on the card at every show. Three of the five Diva matches on the NXT specials on the WWE Network did 13 minutes each, while one did 10 minutes and the match of the year contender between Charlotte and Natalya did a whopping 17 minutes, something which will probably never happen on a WWE television show or a pay-per-view.

A couple of Divas on the roster did mention the hashtag on their Twitter and so did Joey Styles and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. The story even made it to who reached out to WWE for comment but so far has not responded.