Fan who attacked Orton did it to “make a name for himself”


The fan who attacked Randy Orton after his match during the tour in Cape Town, South Africa, was identified as 20 year old Tshepo Sekhabi, a WWE fan who (surprise, surprise) admits that he hates Randy Orton.

In a report by South Africa-based ENCA.COM, Sekhabi said that the attack was premeditated in order to make a name for himself after he quit his job as an admin clerk days before.

“I just don’t like Randy Orton, this was an opportunity for me so I got up there and made a name for myself,” the 20 year old said in a statement.

He was given a five year ban from the casino where the event was being held and was ejected out of the hotel and also received a black eye and swollen face after Orton kicked him for his trouble.

WWE said that it’s unlikely that they will press charges against Sekhabi and Sekhabi himself said he doesn’t plan to press charges against Orton or WWE either for getting kicked in the face. Well, he deserved that. And more.