Fan jumps security wall during Seth Rollins’ entrance on Raw


Another crazy fan breached security at last night’s Raw and managed to get himself on television and walk down the ramp with WWE World Heavyweight and United States champion Seth Rollins for the main event. WWE has hired more Event staff Security to keep this from happening in the future. As Rollins was limping down the aisle, the fan jumped over the security wall from the side and walked down the ramp next to Rollins. To his credit, Rollins kept calm and upon seeing the fan was unarmed kept walking down as if nothing happened. The cameras immediately switched angles on Cena who can be seen saying “Hey…hey,” when he realized what’s happening and then he extended his arm to block O’Neil and Young. The referee left the ring and held on to the fan until security took over.

This is the second time in as many weeks someone jumped the security wall. Two weeks ago a fan at Smackdown tried to attack Dean Ambrose who was walking to the back and was tackled by the security guard who was following Ambrose.

You can see the video below.