Fan jumps in the ring as Ambrose and Reigns once again targeted


A WWE fan once again breached the ring just before Chris Jericho was introduced as the mystery partner of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

With the Wyatts and the former Shield members in the ring, the fan jumped in and stood behind Ambrose and Reigns as WWE security quickly tackled him down. Ambrose and Reigns stood there and did not react and let WWE security do the work.

This is the second time that both former Shield members were targeted by fans. A couple of weeks ago a fan jumped the security wall and nearly attacked Ambrose from behind as he was walking to the back following the end of Smackdown. Another fan threw a MITB replica briefcase at Reigns, hitting him in the head, during a non-televised live event.

The other former Shield member and WWE champion Seth Rollins also had a close call with a fan when a crazy dude jumped the security wall and walked down the ramp with him on Raw.

You can watch the video of the incident shot from ringside below.