Family of Doink The Clown sues WWE for brain injuries


The Dallas Morning News has a story about the family of Matt Osborne – better known as Doink The Clown – suing WWE for the brain injuries he suffered over the years.

The lawsuit alleges that Osborne suffered “traumatic brain injuries” that resulted in “depression and drug abuse, which ultimately resulted in his untimely death.”

The suit was filed by Shezad Malik, one of Wyoming injury lawyers. He’s also being helped by attorneys who filed similar lawsuits against WWE on behalf of other deceased wrestlers. It does not specify how much the family wants.

WWE’s leading attorney, Jerry McDevitt, said that this lawsuit is no different than the others and families are being told there are hundreds of thousands of dollars to be won from concussion-related lawsuits, all looking “for NFL money.” Read more here about valid claims.

“And they don’t have any merit. They’re all different from the NFL. We never had anyone claim they had these kinds of injuries until [these attorneys] did it,” McDevitt said. “They find the destitute, people who have no money, and told them there’s money to be made. That’s what is going on. And I feel bad for these families, because they think they’ll make money off of this, and they’re not.”

Osborne died on June 28, 2013. His cause of death was determined to be an accidental overdose. He spent a couple of years with WWE playing the Doink gimmick until others took over.